business All you need to know T-shirt printing on demand

All you need to know T-shirt printing on demand



T-shirt printing on demand is an increasingly demanded printing service, with the ability to create customized and unique products for customers. However, with many different options in terms of printing methods, materials, colors and prices, many people are still confused and do not know how to choose the most suitable t-shirt printing method.

In this article, we’ll give you a complete guide to custom t-shirt printing, from different printing methods, colors and materials, to pricing and FAQs.

Methods of printing t-shirts on demand

There are different on-demand t-shirt printing methods to choose from, each with its own pros and cons.

1 Traditional silkscreen printing

Is a traditional printing method using silk screen printing ink that has been traditional for many years. This technique is often used to print simple images or letters on the surface of the fabric. Traditional screen printing technology for T-shirts is often used for promotional products, uniforms, or gifts. However, this method has limitations on complexity and the number of colors used in an image, and is therefore not suitable for complex and colorful images.

2 Print Silk-screen

Silk-screen printing is the most traditional and widely used printing method. The advantages of this method include high detail, good print quality, low cost for large orders and the ability to print on most fabrics. However, silk-screen printing is not suitable for small volume orders, which can be limited with complex images and has limited color options.

3 Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Inkjet Printing

DTG inkjet printing uses inkjet printers to print directly onto t-shirts. With this method, you can print complex images using a wide range of colors. However, this printing method is more expensive than all other printing technologies, and is not suitable for large orders.

4 Print Heat Transfer Decal

Thermal transfer decal printing technology for t-shirts is a popular printing method used in the t-shirt printing industry today. It is an eco-friendly printing method and is capable of producing complex and sharp images on the surface of t-shirts. 

The thermal transfer decal printing process begins with printing the image onto a special sheet of decal paper using thermal ink. The decal is then placed on the surface of the t-shirt and heat and pressure are applied to transfer the image from the decal to the t-shirt. This heat transfer process will help the image to be printed on the t-shirt perfectly and sustainably

5 In Pet Heat Transfer

Thermal transfer pet printing technology for t-shirts is a new method of t-shirt printing used in the printing industry today. The highlight of this printing method is its ability to create complex and sharp images on the surface of T-shirts, while ensuring durability and high grip.

The strength of heat transfer pet printing technology is that it can produce sharp and detailed images, and is durable and does not fade after repeated washing. It can also be used on a variety of t-shirt materials, including 100% cotton t-shirts and synthetic fabrics. Thermal transfer pet printing technology also allows the creation of personalized t-shirt products with intricate images and vivid colors.

6 Thermal Transfer Printing Technology 

A printing method that uses heat transfer ink to transfer images or printed text from paper to fabric. This method allows to print complex and colorful images on t-shirts, and is widely used in the production of custom t-shirts, uniforms, sportswear and other fabric products. Thermal transfer printing for t-shirts allows detailed and delicate images to be printed, with high durability and no flaking after repeated washing, making it a popular choice in the printing and printing industry. fashion.

T-shirt materials for printing

Not only are there different printing methods, the material of the t-shirt also influences your decision to print a custom t-shirt. Here are the most popular t-shirt materials for printing:

1 Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular materials when it comes to custom t-shirt printing. Cotton is generally comfortable and breathable, and is suitable for both silk-screen and digital inkjet printing.

2 Polyester

Polyester is a material with good anti-wrinkle and anti-shrink properties, and is often used in sports t-shirts. However, polyester is not a good material for silk-screen printing as it tends to shrink, and it is better to use digital inkjet printing.

3 Blends

Blends such as cotton-polyester or tri-blend are often used to create more complex t-shirts. Depending on the mix ratio, these materials can be suitable for both silk-screen printing and digital inkjet printing.

Price list for printing t-shirts on request

Prices for custom t-shirt printing can vary depending on the printing method, t-shirt material, and order quantity. Below is a reference price list for custom t-shirt printing:

Printing methodT-shirt materialPrice for 1 piece

Silk-screen printing Cotton 70,000 VND

DTG . Inkjet Printing Cotton 60,000 VND

Digital inkjet printing Cotton 80,000 VND

*Note: The above prices are for reference only and may change depending on each order.

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frequently asked Questions

Can I print custom t-shirts in small quantities?

Yes, you can print custom t-shirts in small quantities. However, the cost per shirt will usually be higher than the larger order quantity.

Can I print complex images on t-shirts?

Yes, you can print complex images onto t-shirts. Digital inkjet printing is often used to print images that are more complex than silk-screen printing.

Can I use my own t-shirt for printing?

Yes, if you have your own t-shirt, you can take it to a t-shirt printing shop to have an image or text printed on it.

Do I need to provide samples or designs for the t-shirt printing shop?

Depends on your requirements. If you have a pre-printed sample or design, you can supply it to a t-shirt printing shop to print on demand. Otherwise, the t-shirt printing shop may have a collection of ready-made designs for you to choose from, or you can ask for a design consultation.

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