Technology Can Criminal Defense Lawyers Help With Bail?

Can Criminal Defense Lawyers Help With Bail?


If you have been charged, bail may be part of your impeachment hearing. If you need clarification on how bail works, when bail can be ordered, or the factors determining bail amounts, you can seek help from a qualified defense attorney. At the criminal lawyers in Toronto, we can explain everything you need to know about bail and argue for a lower bail amount. Contact criminal lawyers in Mississauga today to get started.

How can an attorney help you reduce your bond?

If the initial bail set by the court when you are charged is too high for you, you can ask the judge to lower your bond at the bail hearing. This hearing is also known as the bail hearing. You are more likely to get bail relief if you hire a qualified criminal lawyer in Mississauga. Here are some ways an attorney can help you:

Submit a request for a reduced deposit. Your attorney can file a petition to reduce the bond with the court. This petition must explain why the bond amount is so high and should be lowered. Your attorney will argue that you are not a runaway, have public relations, and are not a danger to yourself or others.

Attend the hearing. The criminal lawyers in Mississauga will attend the bond hearing to argue on your behalf about the bond reduction and why your bond should be reduced. Current evidence. Your attorney will present evidence to the judge to support his case for bail reduction. This evidence may include personal references, employment records, medical records, and other documents that show you will not run away or endanger the community. They may also call witnesses to testify on your behalf.

What factors will the judge consider when deciding to reduce bail?

When considering a petition to reduce the bail, the judge will consider factors similar to those he originally set for the bail amount. These factors include:

The gravity of the crime. The judge will consider the seriousness of the crime you are charged with. The judge may be less likely to reduce your bail if serious offenses occur.

Crime history. The judge will review your criminal record. If you have a history of not appearing in court or have committed a similar or other serious crime, the judge may deny your request to reduce your bond.

Job. The judge will want to know your job and financial situation to decide whether to lower your bond. If you have a steady job and support a family, they may be willing to reduce your bail to a level you can afford. Link to the Community. The judge will review your relationship with the community. The judge may agree to reduce your bond if you have a close relationship, such as family and employment. 

What is a bond, and how is the bond amount determined?

While not all cases require bail, it may be required in cases where you are released, and the court wants to entice you back on the court date. A bond is a type of insurance policy put in place to improve the chances of a defendant returning on their court date.

Your impeachment hearing will decide whether bail is part of the court proceedings. The prosecutor will consider the following when deciding whether to request the release of the defendant without bail, release the defendant on bail or not release the defendant, and refuse bail: receive:

·        Criminal record of the defendant

·        Details of admission interview with defendant

·        Reservation form

·        Police report

·        Criminal record

What happens at the bail reduction hearing?

The defendant can request a reduced bail hearing if the bond amount seems too high. The Supreme Court determined that bail should not be too high to force the defendant to stay behind bars; however, this does not mean that the bond is necessarily easy to pay off. During your bail reduction hearing, the criminal lawyers in Mississauga will present evidence that shows why the amount of bail requested is so high and why you should ask for a lower bail amount than is legal.


If you have been charged, releasing pending your trial date is important. If the amount of bail set for your case is too high, an attorney may be able to represent you at the bail reduction hearing. I have many years of experience in bail relief cases and other criminal law matters at criminal lawyers, Mississauga. Our attorneys can represent you throughout your case, from start to finish.  

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