business What is not allowed in Qatar Airways flight?

What is not allowed in Qatar Airways flight?


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Air travel is subject to a number of rules and regulations that passengers are required to adhere to in order to ensure their safety. It is imperative that you adhere to these regulations in order to guarantee a calm travel experience, regardless of whether you are travelling in a premium cabin class or buying Qatar Airways Cheap Flights using their low-cost service. This is done to ensure that everyone who is travelling is safe and that they are not in danger.

The kinds of items that passengers are permitted to bring on board planes are determined by the security and safety issues that are associated with air travel. As a result, the following is a concise list of items that are not permitted on flights operated by Qatar Airways.

Oversized baggage:

Regarding the baggage allowance policy of Qatar Airways, it is of the utmost importance to take into consideration the precise weight restrictions and dimension constraints. Should you be carrying baggage that is either overweight or large, the airline reserves the right to refuse to carry it along with you. As a result, you should always make sure that you comply with all of these particular laws and restrictions about the baggage allowance that the airline provides.

Sharp and/or pointed objects:

In the cabin, you are not permitted to bring any kind of item that has a sharp or pointed edge, and this includes your;

•             Knives.

•             Paper cutters.

•             Scissors.

•             Screwdrivers.

•             Needles.

•             Box cutters.

•             Worker tools.

This is due to the fact that these items have the potential to be used as weapons, and as a result, they present a risk to the safety of passengers. On the other hand, you are permitted to bring up such items in your checked baggage.

Flammable materials and explosives:

When travelling on abord, it is strictly forbidden to bring any kind of substances, liquids, or gases that are very flammable and/or explosive in nature. In particular, the following:

•             Fireworks.

•             Gasoline.

•             Propane cylinders.

•             Aerosol cans, etc.

These items can explode or catch fire due to changes in air pressure, temperature, and other things of the sort.

Firearms and ammunition:

Even though it’s against the rules to bring guns and ammo in your luggage, you can get permission to do so if you really want to. Even so, these kinds of things should still be packed properly and brought on board in checked bags in a disassembled state. It has different kinds of pistols, shotguns, guns, and so on.

These are some things you can’t bring on Qatar Airways planes. You should go to the Qatar Airways manage booking tab and do it from there if you need special help or want to ask to bring certain things that aren’t allowed.

Lithium batteries:

There are rules and laws that you must follow if you have extra lithium batteries on board or something that has a certain type of lithium batteries.


All sorts of chemical and hazardous substances are also not allowed to carry in flight. This includes all sorts of;

•             Bleaches.

•             Corrosive acids.

•             Gas cylinders.

•             Toxic chemicals.

Illegal items.

For passengers, illegal items are not allowed by Qatar Airways to carry. It prominently includes;

•             Drugs.

•             Wildlife products.

•             Products made from rare or endangered animals.

•             Rare things.

•             Counterfeit goods.

•             Contraband items.

Liquid restrictions:

There is a 3-1-1 rule about what drinks, gels, and aerosols people can bring in their carry-on bags. Along with that, these things should be in sealed packages that hold no more than 3.4 ounces (100 millilitres).  Also, the packages need to be packed in clear, resealable plastic bags that are quart-sized to make the security screening process easier.

Self-dense items:

Tools and items that are used for self-defence purposes are not allowed in carry-on luggage. It includes;

•             Tasers.

•             Batons.

•             Pepper sprays.

•             Mace.

•             Weapons.

Strong odour items:

In the end, you shouldn’t bring anything with a strong smell on Qatar Airways planes. It could come from things like durian fruit, strong cheeses, and so on.

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