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How to Find the Right Underpinning Contractor



Underpinning is a reliable foundation method to repair, strengthen, or increase the overall depth of an existing foundation. It extends the foundation base. The process starts with earthmoving in Exeter, followed by strategically lowering the footing to stabilise and strengthen the existing foundation.

It is a cost-effective solution to repair and add strength to existing foundations rather than to construct a new one from scratch. It can be employed under varying circumstances, like to stabilise the existing foundation or when the soil structure or properties have changed, or to add more depth to the structure, like by adding a basement or if the usage of the structure has changed.

Benefits of Underpinning in Exeter

Here, we have enlisted some of the several benefits of applying foundational underpinning in Exeter:

Less expensive and disruptive than other options and saves you from the construction mess

Increased structural integrity to ensure that your foundation is strengthened, stable and sound.

More headroom to convert the space for a home office, studio, or gym.

Access all of the mechanical elements of your home, replace or update old plumbing wiring and install proper insulation. 

It will add to the value of your property making the investment worthy. 

How to Choose the Right Underpinning Contractor

The structural integrity of the building must not be compromised at any cost. It is only possible if you are collaborating with the right contractors. However, choosing a suitable underpinning contractor can be an arduous task, but no worries! We have gathered some important tips that will help you track the best professional underpinning services to cater to all your project requirements and budget.

  • Look for Credentials:

A reliable company is always registered and licenced by the government. Always ensure that the company you are hiring has the required documentation to prove its credibility.

  • Work Efficiency

The contractors should be highly efficient, punctual and professional to complete the task within the scheduled timeline. The team of builders and other specialists should be qualified, insured, licenced and well-acquainted with all the modern equipment and techniques required for quality work.

  • Experience:

Underpinning in Exeter is a highly complicated process that requires a high level of expertise, precision, accuracy and experience. So, it’s important to seek help from experienced professionals. Ask the contractors about their experience and their knowledge. An experienced contractor will know everything required for efficiently carryign out underpinning.

  • Insurance

Before hiring the underpinning contractors, make sure that they are insured and covered for the compensation and liability of workers. It is significant, especially if you are looking for basement underpinning, as it is a high-risk job, and any small careless act can lead to a big accident. Hiring insured contractors will save you from the liability for accidents.

  • References and Reviews:

Before choosing any underpinning contractor, ask your friends, family or neighbours for recommendations. It’s always better to hire experienced professionals than to start searching for the best one from scratch.

In the case you don’t find any suitable recommendations, startwith your own research. Read reviews and client testimonials available on Google or other websites to get an idea. If you can’t find any reviews, ask the contractors to provide references from previous clients. During this whole process, ensure to consider both positive and negative reviews in a balanced way to take the best decision.

  • Documentation

See if the contractors are offering you a clear, detailed contract to highlight all the aspects of the project, its scope, budget, time and other terms and conditions. Also, look if they are offering any warranty on their work. Otherwise, you can request documentation like soil test reports and other important tests to keep the record and avoid any inconvenience in the future. This documentation is essential to have evidence that the project was carried out with legal compliance.

  • Compare Quotes:

Budget constraints are one of the most important and decisive factors in choosing the right contractors. But it would help if you kept this thing in mind that foundations are a one-time investment, so their quality shouldn’t be compromised. It can significantly endanger your safety and the people in the vicinity,

Before selecting a new contractor, it’s important to see the whole market landscape. You should take quotes from at least two to three reliable companies. While comparing, you must consider what services they are offering, the quality of material being used and their work patterns to decide the right one.

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